As the fashion industry discusses a fractured system on the cusp of transformation, the BUSINESS OF FASHION has explored the problem and solutions in their latest issue.

BY KENNETH RICHARD | The Impressionist

It is really simple – you are either helpful, proactive, solution oriented, or you are not.

As an observer of our industry and the media surrounding it, The Impression has consistently been impressed with our friends across the pond at The Business of Fashion. Not only because of their quality of content and coverage, but because they proactively work to help the industry improve. There is little doubt that the fashion system is fracturing due to advancements in communication, juxtaposed with the cycles of sales and production. While a subject on everyone’s lips, many have lamented upon the problem while few have probed solutions.

For the latest print issue of BofF, Founder Imran Amed and his team have taken a deep dive into the “broken” fashion system and the “disruptors” trying to fix it.

Over the last decade, our world has been radically transformed — by technology, by globalisation, by climate change. But, look closely at the underlying operating model which the fashion industry now employs, and it’s surprising just how little has changed — and how many new problems we have created. 2016 will be the year of creative destruction in fashion. We need to destroy what we have in order to reset, refocus and rebuild.

– Imran Amed

That creative destruction will likely result in numerous operating models laying the foundation of The New World Order, which is aptly the publication’s title for this edition, which breaks in stores on Feb 8th, including McNally Jackson Books and Mulberry Iconic Magazines here in NYC.

The Impression will always support those who champion industry improvements, and we look forward to the issue on the issues.


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