Bonobos Set to Officially Open ‘Bonobos Guideshop’ on Fifth Avenue
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Menswear e-retailer Bonobos is going full circle with the official opening of their Bonobos Guideshop Fifth Avenue flagship THIS Thursday, June 18, at 95 5th Ave at 17th Street.

While the 4,000-square foot, two-story building’s main purpose is to provide customer service, the new Bonobos Guideshop store offers men the opportunity to view, and actually touch and try on Bonobos’ collections that are normally only shown online.

We were interested in Bonobos and how they came to life as an e-retailer, and how they got to where they are today. The label started out as two business students with no fashion experience whatsoever. Hard to believe, we know. But Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly began this brand as a pants manufacturing company because Dunn couldn’t find pants that fit him right. So they set out to fix that problem. But like most men, they weren’t big on shopping, shocker! This ultimately led them to their core goal of building the best online-only shopping experience. They believed that by being knowledgeable about both clothing and service, they could do something that’s never been done before, completely morph together retail and e-commerce.

They started surveying their customers, asking why they shopped at Bonobos, and people said the fit, fun, and service. Nothing about just pants, so they decided to take the opportunity to bring this “better fit” that they bring to their pants into other clothing. So they expanded into shirts, suits, casual wear, etc.

But there was still a problem, Bonobos being completely online didn’t exactly bring great service to their customers. They weren’t able to interact physically with them, and no one was able to try on their clothes. But another thing they believed about retail stores was that most stores don’t deliver well, so they wanted to create a place that created great customer service, while also delivering well and efficiently. So they personally re-invented the retail store, creating what you see in Bonobos Guideshop.

The top floor shows business and formal wear, including tailored suits, blazers, dress shirts, and more. The street floor carries more casual assortments, including shirts, sweaters and knits, and denim.

From seasonal updates to easy returns (free return shipping), guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, and the assortment of different products within the store, Bonobos Guideshop sounds like the place to be. All you have to do is make an appointment for a one-on-one fitting with a Bonobos Guide at Or you can just walk in, get fit, check out right at the store or later at home, and your items will be delivered straight to your doorstep in 1-5 days, free of shipping.

Also, special for this launch, Bonobos brought out four styles of Vuarnt sunglasses, exclusive co-designed Austin Jeffers + Bonobos handmade leather travel bags, and more.

Sounds like Bonobos has been hard at work! If you’re lucky enough to be in NYC for Bonobos Guideshop’s opening, you’ll find there’s even more surprises you don’t know about yet. So check out our gallery of the NEW hi-res images below, then go get first in line to check it out up close and personal!

Bonobos Guideshop NY photos

BonobosGuideshopFifthAvenue_Entrance BonobosGuideshopFifthAvenue_SecondFloor_Suiting7H BonobosGuideshopFifthAvenue_FirstFloor_Mirror BonobosGuideshopFifthAvenue_FirstFloor_Lounge BonobosGuideshopFifthAvenue_FirstFloor_CasualWear2 BonobosGuideshopFifthAvenue_Exterior