CK doubles up with Mother and the “Danger Twins” for CK2

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

As we all know, the holiday season is rife with fragrance sales, and the team at Calvin Klein Fragrances is hoping to take full advantage of that with the launch of their latest gender-free fragrance, “ck2”.

To help the house get the message out, the team partnered with New York based agency, Mother, to put a little youthful energy into the launch. The video and subsequent print campaign feature four couples in free-spirited narratives, from flashing oncoming motorists to taking the plunge off a dock. While the piece, shot in Puerto Rico by Ryan McGinley, speaks to the gender neutral theme that is so prevalent today, the main theme is about the free-spirited playfulness of today’s youth.

As for the The Impression, while we respect the narrative of couple adventures, the piece left us yearning for the edgy exuberance of the young punks of yesteryears. Those that were as equally youthful, but with an edge of unpredictable rebellion that combined beauty with danger, rather than beauty with beauty. We don’t mind the palette cleansing, but believe CK is a brand with permission to push boundaries and with a musical artist named “Danger Twins,” we had hoped for just that.

Creative Agency | Mother New York
Photographer | Ryan McGinley
Production | In-House
Models | Victoria Brito, Dakota Garrett, Luka Sabbat, Erin Eliopulos, Kyle Mobus, Sung Jin Park, and Baylee Soles and Kelsey Soles
Location | Puerto Rico
Music | “Radar” by Danger Twins