Chanel exhibits its Métiers d’art collection with a tale of secret admirers and their series of missed connections at the Hotel Ritz Paris


How does one find the courage to introduce his or herself to another? Perhaps an admirer from afar hoping to share a few words or something more than a passing glance. We often admire from a distance and never muster up the energy to speak to someone, because we get too wrapped up in our own thoughts, imagining scenarios where things go horribly wrong. Sometimes reality is better than fantasy, especially when you’re granted more than one chance.

The Chanel video campaign for its Paris Cosmopolite 2016 Métiers d’art collection tells a similar tale of two admirers crossing paths before finally interacting together. Models Vittoria Ceretti and Natalie Westing star in the short film shot at the Hotel Ritz Paris, where Karl Lagerfeld staged the Chanel Metiers d’art collection in December.

The ladies first cross paths at their respective balconies, overlooking the city, and again at the rotating glass door entrance and in a hallway. The models’ first scene together is a chess game, a metaphor for their cat-and-mouse game.

Detail shots of each outfit serve as the focal points for the film. Each close up and detail shot represents the eyes of the admirer, studying the cut of each garment and the fine embellishments.

The backing track adds a sensuous element to each interaction and every close up, leading us to believe that the shared admiration is much deeper than it seems.

Ask yourself this question, are your feelings of admiration ever deeper than it seems? Don’t dwell for too long, because you may not get another chance.


Models | Vittoria Ceretti & Natalie Westling