Cher Becomes the New Face of Marc Jacobs

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

And the celebrity bandwagon continues! From Kendall doing Fendi to Ciara doing Cavalli, looks like celebrity women are continuing to be the trending topic for ad campaigns. Who’s next? Cher!

Turns out it’s not just the hot youngsters in their teens and twenties posing for these campaigns, from Saint Laurent hiring Joni Mitchell to Joan Didion posing for Céline, there’s no doubt that female celebrities of all ages have been the hot topic for fashion campaigns during this last year, especially women in their 60s and 70s! Think it was just a fluke? Think again. 69-year-old Cher is officially the new face for New-York-based brand, Marc Jacobs.

The Impression was suspicious whether Cher was just accompanying Jacobs to this year’s Met Gala or if a big announcement was in the works. Well, as you can see, our suspicions turned out to be pretty valid. Wearing a piece from Jacob’s dark, moody fall 2015 collection, the actress/singer sported a floor-length black gown, originally inspired by Diana Vreeland’s apartment in the later years. This choice seems nothing less than right, considering Cher has been a fashion icon since the 1960s, who looked stunning in the pictures shot by David Sims. Our suggestion to other designers out there? Really going to have to dig deep to get the best of the best if you want to compete with these kind of campaigns.marc jacobs fall 2015 ad cher photocher marc jacobs met photo

Photographer | David Sims
Model | Cher
Stylist |Katie Grand
Makeup | Anita Bitton
Set Design | Stefan Beckman