There is something to said for what is left unsaid in the latest video entitled Drift directed by Vincent van de Wijngaard to promote Dior’s Spring 2016 collection. 

The film opens to a tone of noir as the detective like protagonist drives to meet a uniformed police officer in the concert ravine of the LA waterway. You’ve likley seen the waterless LA river in a flatbed of concrete in Grease, or Point Blank (Lee Marvin’s version of course), or Speed, or Terminator 2, or Repo Man, or depending on your taste The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. Needless to say any video that starts with this setting is playing into cinematic heritage traditionally of the alternative kind.

As our thin suited hero with a thinner tie moves on, the narration tells the viewer he is searching for someone who doesn’t wish to be found. The dialogue starts out very ’40’s Phillip Marlowe’ and teeters on the brink of fashion parody, but in this case results in the films ultimate punch line making it a required component to the bigger story and ultimately making the film more enjoyable.

The results leaves The Impression wondering just how close are we to seeing some of fashion finest like Fabien Baron cross the divide to full feature films? Fabien has all the elements: concepts, strong visuals and storytelling. Plus a history of understanding images to touch on human emotions.

The film closes with the line “3.8 million people in LA, 40 [million] in the state. How do you find just one?” The Impression is just ready for one of our own to find their muse too, and take it to feature film.


Agency | Baron&Baron
Director | Vincent van de Wijngaard
Creative Director | Fabien Baron
Art Director | Philipp Meussigmann
Director of Photography | Daniel Stilling
Models | Vanessa Axente & Jeremy Irvine
Stylist | Karen Kaiser
Editing | Will Town, Modern Post
Sound Design | Nicolas Becker
Hair | Maranda
Makeup | Benjamin Puckey