Daria Werbowy takes on multiple personalities and multiple roles for Equipment’s Spring ad campaign.

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Last season, after seeing some photographs taken by model Daria Werbowy, the marketing team at Equipment reached out to her with a smart proposition. The offer? Have the international supermodel, with plenty of experience around cameras, take self-portraits for their Fall 2014 ad campaign. Ms. Werbowy took the brand up on the offer to add professional photographer to her resume and, after buying several wigs, proceeded to leisurely snap pictures of herself at home over several weeks. Sans creative director, stylist, hair, or make-up, the result was a fresh and low production cost campaign for the brand and photographer credits for the model. A win-win for everyone, including the CFO. Especially the CFO.

For Spring 2015 the brand called again. But this time, Ms. Werbowy faced the challenge creative and art directors face every season: how to continue projecting a consistent brand image while injecting freshness and generating public relations buzz via a campaign.

Attention, may we have your attention, please? Can everyone gather round and join us in congratulating Ms. Werbowy on her recent promotion to the title of ‘Creative Director’? The promotion comes with a bottle of scotch, aspirin, and an unrealistic budget to accomplish all items in the brief.

The Impression

Taking her new role to heart, Ms. Werbowy the Model split personalities and stocked up on wigs. Ms. Werbowy the Photographer called for a longer shoot schedule to capture the looks. And Ms. Werbowy the Creative Director shifted the location from her home to a studio and concepted a high VFX video. The result is a holistic campaign that is a nice evolution from the previous season and gives the brand a public relations leg to stand on.

Is there room for improvement, from the video being shorter, to the ad impact? Yes, but it is a freshman effort and not too shabby at that. It is important to note that models are traditionally on the front end of the campaign process and we hope this experience has given Ms. Werbowy a stronger sense of the heavy lifting that is done after a picture is snapped. The Impression is inspired by the effort and believes with time and additional resources (as no woman is an island), Ms. Werbowy could blaze a new path to becoming a ‘Creative.’equipment-spring-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-21
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Creative Director | Daria Werbowy
Photographer | Daria Werbowy
Model | Daria Werbowy

Director | Daria Werbowy & Kenny Jossick
Music | Kenny Jossick
VFX | Gloss