Dior Walks Hand in Hand with Both Beauty and the Runway

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By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

Shot by well renowned British photographer Craig McDean, Diorshow Beauty 2015 bridges the divide rarely captured for ads between beauty and runway. Ironically, while beauty and runway are seasonal ‘twins’ presented every fashion month, the pair have yet to be shown off together as an ad. Dior not only steps outside of the box for this creative ad approach, but also, steps right off the runway and into the pages of fashion publications.

The Diorshow Beauty 2015 ad campaign is so far comprised of a closeup shot of model Ondria Hardin, as well as a walking runway shot of Hardin once more, this time followed by Harleth Kuusik and Ming Xi. Not unlike many footwear campaigns, what sets Diorshow Beauty 2015 apart from the rest of the current beauty campaign world, as well as Dior’s past beauty endeavors, is the combination of Hardin’s stunning closeup showcasing product, and the action shot, going from backstage, to runway, to your own makeup bag.

It is ironic that there has been such a separation of church and state in the fashion and beauty world and we at The Impression find it wise that the house decided to get more bang for the buck by combining the two. One would think that with all of the successful beauty brands that also participate in runway separately, it would be a no-brainer to combine the two sooner. This time, Dior is a strut ahead of the rest.

This advertising and marketing move is extremely smart for Dior in that it differentiates them in more ways than one.  The Diorshow mascara product, using new microfibre technology, reproduces the effect of false lashes without the fuss, along with an anti-drying wiper that keeps the product fresher, longer. Their ad success should most definitely stem from this new makeup technology, as well as their fresh mesh between catwalk and backstage beauty.Diorshow beauty Ondria Hardin photo

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Photographer | Craig McDean
Models | Ondria Hardin, Ming Xi & Harleth Kuusik
Makeup | Peter Philips