The Store Scout | DKNY Soho


As we all know, a brand renovation touches multiple touch points, with retail being the ultimate experience. Creative Directors Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne have had their hand in DKNY for just two seasons now but as their first delivery arrives in stores, the house has renovated one of their first stores, DKNY Soho.

The 5167-square foot store at 420 West Broadway is re-opening today, and like the brand itself, is meant to feel as if it is under construction with dueling themes and textures of hard and soft, construction and deconstruction, polished and imperfect.

This endeavor is exciting for us as it’s our first physical imprint on the city. We have the opportunity to re-appropriate DKNY’s connection with New York, and Soho is embedded in our New York experience.

– Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne

The new design was conceived with architect Andreas Bozarth Fornell of Koncept Stockholm specifically for the Soho location, enhancing the connection of the brand with this historic NY neighborhood that was home to the iconic DKNY ‘Soho wall’, located on Houston street. The store layout was designed to mimic NYC’s grid tempos.

Throughout the coming year, DKNY will partner with visual artists to further explore the ubiquitous and iconic elements of the NYC-scape through a series of window installations. The opening window display showcases a NYC subway bench, serving as a reminder of DKNY’s synergistic relationship to its namesake city.

Starting in April a limited edition #DxKxNxYx sweatshirt capsule collection, featuring the acronyms highlighted in the recent DKNY Fall 2016 runway show during NY Fashion Week, will be available. Only 150 numbered sweatshirts in three styles will be available. Sweatshirts read, “Designers Know Nothing Yet,” “Don’t Knock New York,” or “Dazed Kids New York,” with all actually being made in New York. It would appear that designers know enough to drive a vision.

Architect | Andreas Bozarth Fornell of Koncept Stockholm

420 West Broadway (between Prince and Spring)
New York, NY 10012