Generation Gap Campaign is One for the 90’s Kids


Just in time for early spring Gap releases their Generation Gap campaign including a video throwback to their 90’s domination of the media narrative. Gap was everywhere during this time and they aim to bring themselves back with 15 classic looks that will fill any 90’s kid with that coveted sense of pure nostalgia.

The campaign is led by the supermodel queen of the 90’s Naomi Campbell sporting a reissue of the simple but classic white pocket tee that she also wore in her Gap ad from back in ’92. This is just one of the many throwbacks we see in the video as the campaign features children of 90’s icons and stars featured in 90’s ads. Rumer Willis channels her mother Demi Moore’s 90’s Gap campaign with a quintessential denim jacket and Coco Gordon Moore is a “Cool Thing” just like Kim Gordon in her black turtleneck and leather jacket.

The still shots of the campaign lensed by Douglas W. Segars are smooth, clean and focused drawing your attention to the simple but iconic styles featured in the ad. These shots work well and the heavy focus on 90’s blue denim stands out against the pale studio background.

The video begins in vintage black and white with the star-studded cast fooling around and having a good time over an audio track of Naomi Campbell describing her 90’s shoot with Gap. A clapperboard held by Naomi takes us from black and white to color and we are treated to a pleasant acapella rendition of Color Me Badd’s “All 4 Love” by the models. The video and song cover have a fun, laid back vibe that reels you in and lets you feel close to the featured talent and this mellow, enjoyable mood is a huge boon to the campaign. This easygoing atmosphere is further maintained by the up close and personal direction of Kevin Calero and the breezy, casual choreography by Wynn Holmes.

The ad campaign is highly successful in curating a lovely sense of nostalgia and hearkening back to the brand’s 90’s dominance. It begs the question as to why this was not their overarching spring campaign as they also released the ‘I Am Gap‘ series just a few weeks earlier. We like the straightforward direction and classic style of the ad mixed with established and up-and-comers casting the brand has historically been known for. Glad to see the house filling their own gaps with more on point creative and a return to their roots.


Director | Kevin Calero
Director of Photography | Jessica Lee Gagne

Photographer | Douglas W. Segars
Models | Naomi Campbell, Lizzy Jagger, Chelsea Tyler, Rumer Willis, Coco Gordon Moore, Alasdair Russell, Chase Cohl, Darren King, Evan Ross, Harley Deville, Miesha Moore, Olan Prenatt, Quin, Rumer Willis, Sydney Schafer, TJ Mizell, Yousef Rammaha
Choreography | Wynn Holmes
Production| North Six
Music | “Color me Badd” by All 4 Love