Guiseppe Zanotti Gets ‘Aristo-crazy’
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Looks like Italian master accessory designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, is playing hide-and-sleek in his Fall ‘AristoCrazy Collection’ 2015 video. But that’s not all he’s done – the designer was able to morph the aristocratic era into the crazy but beautiful looks popular today.

Opening the black and white video is a woman seen playing hide-and-seek with two men out of a scene from the lifestyles of the rich and famous. She manages to look good while hiding under tables and behind curtains, and in the end shuts the doors on us because it was getting a little ‘aristo-crazy’. All in good fun.

But those heels! If we remember one thing from this video that stood out the most, it would definitely be the perfectly studded, velvet, high heels she was wearing. They truly speak “couture meets rockstar”. The Impression thinks that Giuseppe Zanotti was perfectly able to combine and express the components of luxury and badass into what we’ve seen so far. We saw a true game of ‘hide-and-sleek’, but mostly the sleek part.

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