By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Gucci takes a charming trip this holiday season to full affect of showing off their resort collection.

Taking place in a hotel lobby, the 1 minute journey kicks off with model Julia Bergshoeff checking in at reception to claim some items. The Four Seasons Hotel George V it is not as the desk clerk happily sends our heroine off will a stack of gift boxes that would challenge the best of hotel porters. It’s a short trip figuratively and literarily as Gucci giftables soon go tumbling to full slow motion display to reminds us that Gucci has that special something for that special someone.

The scene reminds The Impressionist of photographer Philippe Halsman’s famous photo of the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí suspended in mid-air. The 1948 work Dali Atomicus, named for Dali’s painting of in the right hand corner of the photo, explores the idea of suspension as cats, water, an easel, a footstool and Salvador Dalí himself all seemingly suspended in mid-air. Sans photoshop the scene took a reported 28 attempts to create with Halsman’s wife tossing a bucket of water each time.Dali Atomicus (1)

Creative and film director, Rémi Paringaux, leverages today’s modern technical marvels to create a similar scene of suspension while ‘Dancing Anymore‘ by the group Is Tropical plays in the background. The result is a whimsical take on the holiday. Our only suspension is the disbelief that a porter wasn’t on hand looking for tip.

Director | Rémi Paringaux
Creative Director | Rémi Paringaux
Model| Julia Bergshoeff
Song | ‘Dancing Anymore‘ by Is Tropical