Last year, British department store, Harrods created a holiday campaign featuring a heroic little mouse named Peter Pumpernickel. This year, Harrods has decided to bring Peter back along with his other mousey friend, Poppy Peasprout for their 2015 holiday campaign “Once Upon a Christmas” video.

The video is a play on “The Nutcracker”; beginning on Christmas Eve, a mouse swings from window to window, checking each display and making sure the mice are completing their tasks such as snow globe polishing. Just as the mouse is about to scold Peter for juggling Christmas ornaments, the bell rings and all other the other mice run to the stage to perform for Santa. As Peter and Poppy look on from the door’s keyhole, they find an opening at the top of the stage and climb through. Swinging on a garland rope and falling right in the middle of the performance, the other mice look worried and confused but Santa mistakes it for a part of the show and is delighted. They all resume dancing as the camera pans out to reveal a reindeer sleigh flying over a fully decorated Harrods.

While this video is fun and lighthearted, it tends to lack the emotional depth that has been a trend in many other holiday campaign videos. Retailers such as John Lewis, Harvey Nichols and Macy’s, launched holiday campaign videos marketed toward the classic theme of giving. Whether it was making someone feel loved, giving to yourself, or promoting The Make-A-Wish Foundation, all campaigns spoke to the audience on some level of emotion, some were hysterical, and some were tear jerkers.

The “Once Upon a Christmas” campaign may be suitable for children because of its animation and very simple storyline but it doesn’t quite grab the attention of adults which is odd as Harrods is the most adult of the U.K.’s department stores which is likely why the video isn’t integrated into Harrods own website.

While we were hoping for Harrods to present us The Mouse That Roared, what we discovered was more Silent Night.