Lara Stone Gets Down with H&M and her Ford Fairlane

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

For years girls and automobiles have been shot together and H&M follows suit in their own way, pairing the fair-haired icon Lara Stone with another icon, the Ford Fairlane. The Fairlane was named for Henry Ford’s estate near Dearborn Michigan and was a popular car in the 60’s, finding its way into James Bond film Thunderball, and again in the 2002 Bond film Die Another Day.

Stone doesn’t play Bond girl here so much as suburban 70’s Fair Lane splendor. Channeling her inner 70’s, Stone models everything from bell-bottoms to jumpsuits to button down blouses, alongside an ever-so-70’s Ford Fairlane 1967. We’re diggin’ H&M’s new campaign!

h&m-fall-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-01 h&m-fall-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-02 h&m-fall-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-03 h&m-fall-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-04 h&m-fall-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-05 h&m-fall-2015-ad-campaign-the-impression-06

Model | Lara Stone