John Hardy “Storytellers” Campaign Fully Embraces Bali

By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

For holiday, John Hardy has revamped their campaign direction under a new “Storytellers” platform. The result is a renewed focus on craftsmanship complete with a campaign full of hand images entitled the “The Story of Touch.”

The update “Storytellers” platform focuses on the artisan handcrafted jewelry, the authenticity of the collections, and the place that continues to inspire its designs, Bali. This season the “Story of Touch” campaign shifts the focus away from models with alluring gazes, like last seasons Cara Delevigne, to a more tactile focus, hands. The campaign was lensed by Cass Bird in different Bali locations from rice fields to volcanic sights, comparing the luxury jewelry line to the natural sites of the country to further show off their commitment to giving people unique, one-of-a-kind products that will inspire them.

To reinforce their point, the company has quadrupled its advertising spend, the highest investment in John Hardy history. Over the next year, John Hardy will release four different versions of the campaign as well as short films to promote their main collections like Classic Chain, Legends, Bamboo and Dot.

The Impression reached out to Christine Kaculis, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at John Hardy, to give us a hand with the new campaign.

Christine, congrats on the new season. What can you share with us about the “Storytellers” platform?
John Hardy is bringing the ‘Storytellers’ platform to life across all aspects of the brand, including advertising, social media, and unique collaborations with other like-minded luxury artisans. We feel this campaign, both the images and the collection videos, really capture the brand’s unique ethos and bring our distinctive DNA to life.

You last partnered with Cara Delevingne for a year on a transitional campaign for the house. In this campaign, the talent, at least the models, are not front and center. Is this part of the direction of Storytellers?
We wanted the hero of the campaign to be the jewelry itself, as well as the place that continues to inspire our collections, Bali.  As each piece of jewelry is artisan crafted, by hand, we also wanted to intimately capture the jewelry on the model’s hands in order to evoke the connection between the hand of the artisan and that transference of creative energy when the jewelry is worn pressed against the skin.

What are you looking forward to this season as a part of the campaign program?
This campaign pays homage to the brand’s history of artisan-crafted luxury jewelry, which is very fitting as John Hardy is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year! We are looking forward to bringing John Hardy’s DNA and natural aesthetic to life, in a very modern way.

Congrats on the 40th anniversary and we looking forward to watching the campaign unfold. And any time you need us to report on location please let us know!
Thank you.


Photographer | Cass Bird