Wherever Kloss Goes, People Will Follow –

By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

Supermodel and super-smart Karlie Kloss never fails to astound us. From her bod, to her beauty, her smarts (recently NYU accepted), her domestic talents (flaunting an adorable cookie line), and lastly, celeb bff titles (HEY T-SWIFT!), there seems to be almost nothing Karlie can’t accomplish. And yes, she’s proved us right once again.

Kloss can now officially list “YouTuber” on her resume, or…at least in her Instagram bio. With a reach of almost 3 million followers on the ever popular social media meets photography app, it’s no wonder Kloss would head on to a medium that is much bigger and much broader: YouTube.

YouTube flaunts over 1 billion users worldwide since the year 2005, making up hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube footage daily, and generating billions of views. With Kloss’ already present social media prestige, her YouTube handle is sure to be a success.

Her first video posted yesterday titled, “Channel Trailer | Karlie Kloss” shows Kloss narrating the story of the beginnings of her modeling career: where she started, how she got where she is today, and even promised some ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘a day in the life’ footage from the model on-the-go herself.

From a marketing standpoint, Kloss’ choice to share her story on YouTube is truly genius. Kloss is essentially expanding her own self-brand and person, sure to amp herself up on everyone’s radar, not only creating but also sustaining already existing fan relationships. Should Kloss ever want to transition to a different career path, this is a great step to take in order to establish an even more solid fan-following. Go Kloss, go! We’re ALL for this. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get a secret Karlie’s Kookies recipe out of it.

Check out the first of hopefully many ‘Klossy’ YouTube videos below:

Producer | Casey Neistat
Associate Producers |  Annalora von Pentz & Ruby Honerkamp
Editor & Music | Tim Kellner