Loft loves to make us laugh with a new short starring Busy Philipps

By Rachel Smith | Impressionist

Loft is back and getting Busy, finally releasing their second short in their YouTube miniseries with actress and director Busy Philipps. This short is different from their first one about matching outfits, but still deals with a hard hitting concept every woman can relate to, changing wardrobes during the changing seasons. Switching out your summer wardrobe for your fall one is hard work, and once you do it there’s no going back, even if it is 90 degrees outside.

This short opens up to Busy making plans with her friend for the beginning of October, dreaming of wearing her fall clothes as the weather cools down. Flash-forward to October and Busy decked out in fall clothes, doing typical fall things like going pumpkin picking and drinking hot apple cider, all while sweating profusely. It’s not as much fun to go pumpkin picking when you can literally cook the seeds on the pavement. But Busy persists, walking down the street with her jacket, scarf, and hot coffee past people wearing bathing suits and eating ice cream. Unable to wait any longer for ‘fall weather’ to make an appearance, Busy takes matters into her own hands and sets her AC to 50 degrees. Forcing fall to come, at least inside her home, is better than nothing.

This spot focuses on the complicated relationship we all have with the elusive fall weather. Loft chooses to focus on the way the consumer feels when the seasons change, adding humor to the everyday situations we go through, and leaving a lasting impression.