LOFT loves to make us laugh with latest short starring BUSY PHILIPPS


Loft released the third video installment of their LOFT x Busy Philipps series. This episode, “Spring is Here,” marks the second independent project for Philipps as a director, following last fall’s “First Day” and “Fall is Hot.”

As in the previous two videos, Busy is hilarious as she shows over-the-top excitement at the prospect of spring’s arrival. It doesn’t matter that it’s always warm in LA as her husband Marc points out – the prospect of spring activities and showing off spring outfits is just so exciting! As is the theme with the past videos in the series, Busy comedically portrays our obsession with weather and seasons, especially in regards to fashion and what we should or shouldn’t be wearing. She forces Marc to participate in springtime activities like creating a spring rain shower with a hose so Busy can bask in the glory of an umbrella. She goes on to poke fun at the ritual of spring cleaning with her three huge piles of clothes, dubbed “definitely maybe gonna go,” “probably most likely gonna stay,” and “just a pile.” She finds even more clarity when she learns of the Japanese organization technique of keeping only objects that bring joy. Marc’s character adds to the humor as the one who must go, along with her frenzied schemes, especially as the short ends with his finding out that all his clothes were the victims of Busy’s spring cleaning.

It’s been really fun to work with a brand that melds so well with my own sense of humor, so I was excited to collaborate with LOFT again. I feel like most people can relate to these themes of spring—poking fun at them was a lot of fun.

- Busy Philipps

Aside from entertaining viewers, this collaboration works for both LOFT and Busy. The actress’ comedy and style are a good match for LOFT’s brand personality — sensible and stylish, yet fun vibe. She definitely did not disappoint in getting us psyched for spring and did indeed bring a little bit of joy, in the form of a few laughs – we’ll keep it!