American Apparel Releases Timely ‘Love Stories’ Videos

By Olivia Pentell | Impressionist

Los Angeles-based clothing company American Apparel has been a longstanding supporter of LGBT rights, initially known for their ‘Legalize Gay’ designs and rally appearances. American Apparel is now extending their marketing reach with a similar tactic, this time in video form.

American Apparel’s new ‘Love Stories’ video segments, posted just around the time of state-wide same sex marriage legalization ruling, showcases the company’s favorite LA same sex couples and their touching stories. For such an emotional and groundbreaking moment in American history, these releases could not be more timely, especially in regards to the company’s most recent hits from the press.

We know from our interview with new CEO, Paula Schneider, that though American Apparel has its share of challenges, this new video initiative shows what a strong brand American Apparel can be; they stay true to themselves, and fight for what they believe in, consistently.  Through these trying times for the brand, they continue to represent what they had originally envisioned – being full blooded ‘Born in the USA’ with a twist of western sensuality, and we love it.

And it is all for a cause, too, as American Apparel is the first international apparel sponsor of HRC Foundation’s Global Initiative. With every sale of their AA x HRC Foundation #EqualityForward Tees and Tanks, 15% of the proceeds are donated to fund the HRC’s Global Equality Campaign. Now that is love!

View the four couples’ stories below and continue to push #EqualityForward: