Old School is the New School as Marc brings back some classics

By Jessica Lofaro | Impressionist

The fun just does not end for designer Marc Jacobs and his Fall 2015 campaign! Winona Ryder & Sofia Coppola join Cher, Willow Smith, Red Hot Chili Pepper‘s frontman Anthony Kiedis and his son, Everly Bear, and most recently, Debi Mazar for the latest ad campaign.

As you know, Ryder & Coppola both have a long history with Jacobs. Ryder and Jacobs have been friends with each other for over 15 years, with her appearing in his 2003 campaign. Screenwriter, director, producer, and actress, Coppola has played multiple roles in the making of Marc. She first sat for Marc in his 2000 campaign and we all remember her iconic campaign the following year, launching the Marc Jacobs fragrance Daisy. That relation this year turned full circle when the director lensed the recent Daisy campaign and commercial.

Marc Jacobs never fails to surprise us at The Impression. The mystery question: who will be next?

winona-ryder-for-marc-jacobs-fall-2015-campaign-the-impression-02 winona-ryder-for-marc-jacobs-fall-2015-campaign-the-impression-01 sofia-coppola-for-marc-jacobs-fall-2015-campaign-the-impression-01

Photographer | David Sims
Models | Sofia Coppola & Winona Ryder
Stylist | Katie Grand
Makeup | Anita Bitton
Set Design | Stefan Beckman