By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Ask anyone attending the informative and inspirational Decoded conference held in New York several weeks ago and they will tell you that fashion and technology are in the mist of storming before forming.  In essence fashions established guard isn’t supportive of wearable fashion tech driven by tech heads rather than designers that result in products putting function over form. Meanwhile wearable tech start-ups with value added features fail to understand why fashion, who is all about newness, hasn’t embrace them and the new wearable technology business.

The likely answer for both parties lies in the power of partnership as the team at Michael Kors so wisely has done with the first collaboration of its kind with Duracell. The result is seven PowerCase and powermat products designed by American fashion icon Michael Kors  for the iPhone jet set leveraging the R&D and battery technology prowess of  Duracell. The product in the video speaks for itself, but as important as the product is the path to success in joining these two areas of expertise.

Fashion understands the power in design and how to create desire to generate sales. Technology understands the value in research to develop innovate ideas to help people navigate their complex lives. Together they are stronger than they are apart. While the case here is big fish and big fish coming to together, The Impression believes fashion does play a role in embracing and partnering with fledgling tech/wearable businesses.

And since small technology start-ups have brought so much disruption to many industries including fashion retail, it would be prudent of fashion to keep an eye out for the disrupters in this area as well. You can’t beat them, but you can have them join you.