Michael Kors Jets to Success as a Content Creator


Michael Kors is continuing to run life in the fast lane with his Spring 2016 Michael Kors Jet Set 6 Footwear Collection. Coming in hot at Fashion Week and releasing the Glamour Games 2, it seems the Kors content team isn’t even close to slowing down.

For their latest video to promote spring footwear, Michael Kors’ partner in crime/Glamour Games 2 star Lily Aldridge helps Michael Kors tell the story of his must-have shoe looks under the guise of being chased by paparazzi. In the video Aldridge darts in and around Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall while graphics of tabloids populate the screen to give the viewer the sense that Aldridge’s character is at the center of media gossip interest. Copy is cutely crafted to call out the 6 key shoes, while cut aways also shows the eyewear and watches. While Gehry’s building is a dynamic backdrop, perhaps a more realistic setting could have been found across the street at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse of downtown LA., where the real gossip stories come to life.

Locations aside, brands as content creators is a model many design houses talk to, but few are working to live up to. While the video may not be groundbreaking, it does show that design houses can put their thinking caps on to support key product initiatives by developing tailored stories. The medium to tell that story is fully in their circle of control, their own YouTube channel and their own website. Even if the story is fleeting and doesn’t have a long shelf life, it does elicit a conversation with their audience and gives their PR team a tool to work with. While the idea of being chased by paparazzi could have lent itself to so many other avenues both literally and figuratively, the lane Michael Kors and his marketing team is running in, is a lane we at The Impression applaud.

Truth be told, Michael Kors is in the fast lane. And if other houses don’t recognize it soon, they will find themselves miles behind. We sure can tell that Michael Kors is “running” – feet first – towards the future.

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