Chloë Sevigny & Carmen Lynch Bring a Wry Sense of Humor to Miu Miu’s Latest Women’s Tales Installment


Over the past five years Miu Miu has partnered with the Venice Film Festival on a series of short films titled Women’s Tales. The series began in 2012 with the screening of four short films at the festival and since then they have commissioned two short films per year all of which are created by female directors. Aside from the stipulation that Miu Miu clothes are worn in the films each woman is given total creative freedom over the contents of their respective films allowing each director to craft their own unique piece of cinematic and visual art. The entire series is a major victory for female representation in the male-dominated directorial field showcasing some of the most talented and distinct creative minds in the world of film.

The series’ first installment of 2017 is directed by esteemed actress, director, fashion designer and all around creative force Chloë Sevigny. The film, simply entitled Carmen stars comedian Carmen Lynch as we follow her through a seemingly normal series of days in her life as a stand-up comic. As one might expect from the mind of Chloë Sevigny the whole film has a rather off-color surreal tone to it with some clever tricks of lighting and a soothing but slightly creepy old music box type soundtrack. We follow Carmen through New York city bars, clubs and a bodega as she analyzes the world around, while her stand-up comedy performance provides a form of narration over the video. Little standout events happen throughout the film such as Carmen receiving misogynistic comments from a pair of men at the aforementioned bodega, but overall the film has a smooth simple tempo and is a world that one can easily get lost in as you walk with Carmen in her journey through the city and the daily grind of life itself.

Like the other films in the Women’s Tales series, Carmen is delightfully unique and serves as far more than a typical fashion film. The direction by Chloë Sevigny is stellar particularly in its use of shot structure and framing, lighting and color with its use of deep scarlet red hues with a contrast of pale grayish blues when shooting the city itself. Carmen Lynch is a super likeable protagonist and her demeanor and comedic writing itself are perfectly executed. She’s easy for anyone to relate to and understand and her performance feels incredibly genuine and real, allowing the audience to feel as though they are watching a real woman just trying to make it through daily life. This installment of the Women’s Tales series is another resounding success for Miu Miu and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for 2017.



Director | Chloë Sevigny
Actor | Carmen Lynch
Written by Chloë Sevigny & Carmen Lynch