BURBERRY brings narrative and passion to the screen with the launch of their Mr. Burberry campaign, directed by STEVE McQUEEN


There is something so satisfyingly delicious when all the elements in a campaign fall together in execution to match the thinking behind the concept. Such is the case in the wickedly sophisticated and naughty Mr. Burberry campaign video, directed by none other than Oscar and Turner Prize-winning British director Steve McQueen. 

The campaign is quite simply an ode to lovers, off on an exotic and erotic urban hotel adventure that combines the best of the city with the best of being in love, while enjoying indoor sports in the luxury of a hotel. The setting and narrative of a hotel romantic adventure, full of freedom of life daily pressures, is the perfect location to emote the values of a scent and it is a wonder it has never been properly executed before. There is a certain level of escapism that McQueen and Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey understand and put to film better than any film before it- feature or not.

The film is entirely set within the world of a luxurious London hotel, with British actor and musician Josh Whitehouse and British model and actress Amber Anderson drawing the curtains to various states of undress, as well as preparing to go out to enjoy the other elements London has to offer.

For the Mr. Burberry film, I wanted to convey the idea of two people who are passionately in love, and go off on a dirty weekend. It’s that moment in a relationship where all you are thinking about is each other, and all you want is to be with each other.

– Steve McQueen, Director

“Christopher is a unique human being and a real collaborator. His enthusiasm is infectious and that’s what attracted me into working with him on the Mr. Burberry project,” McQueen added.

That project involved a three day shoot in which Whitehouse and Anderson needed to get quite comfortable with each other. Anderson explained, “When it came to making the film, Josh and I kind of just got into it.  We had three days, and that felt generous, but it was a quite intense working environment.  So we had to go in headfirst and trust everything would be fine. He’s a really funny guy and we have a similar sense of humor. And you have to have a sense of humor when you’re doing kissing scenes and you’ve just met.”

To add to the richness of the piece, Bailey selected singer-songwriter Benjamin Clementine’s I Won’t Complain as the backing soundtrack. “I wrote ‘I Won’t Complain’ in Paris after being there for a while. I released the song a year after writing it and I was a bit impatient. But I guess I didn’t know that anyone would sign me anyway so I wrote it for myself and eventually someone came along and recorded it. Christopher Bailey is an artist. It’s great that after all my music is being appreciated, you know radios don’t play me, so Christopher Bailey is my radio. There are so many musicians out there in England, you know. It took a guy from Edmonton to represent this so thank you Christopher Bailey, and Steve McQueen of course,” explained Clementine.

It is likely that Clementine also won’t complain with the song’s newfound distribution as the video makes its way to TV and Burberry’s own networks, as well as Snapchat. A dedicated Mr. Burberry Discover channel will allow Snapchat users to view the full-length director’s cut and behind-the-scenes. Although the channel will only be live for 24-hours in-app, for two months following, Snapchatters who scan the Burberry Snapcode found at point-of-sale within select retailers will still be able to view the channel. This marks the first time a Snapcode is being used to unlock content in this way.

Users will also be able to monogram their own virtual Mr. Burberry bottle within interactive advertising and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Sans song, the still images of the campaign will be used for out-of-home including Double-decker buses, as well as scent-dispensing posters in Knightsbridge, London, which will spray the fragrance directly onto the user’s wrist when inserted underneath the sensor. Stateside, programmatic digital outdoor advertising technology will target specific audiences within environments and at certain times. Meanwhile select doors will have multi sensory in-store digital experiences, triggered by interacting with a Mr. Burberry bottle, which allows customers to discover the scent through images and surround sounds, as well as being able to create their own virtual monogrammed bottle.

Technological innovations aside, at the core of the campaign is what always matters, emotive and compelling narrative that drives the desire and fantasies of fans to purchase. The Impression is thankful to the creators for inspiring a trip to London, grabbing a bottle of Mr. Burberry along the way.


Creative Director | Christopher Bailey
Director | Steve McQueen
Actors | Josh Whitehouse & Amber Anderson
Music | I Won’t Complain – Benjamin Clementine