MyTheresa pulled a McGuffin right out of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction in their latest film to promote a Balenciaga bag.

For anyone that has seen Pulp Fiction, the ‘McGuffin’ was the glowing suitcase that Samuel Jackson and John Travolta’s characters were sent to retrieve, guns in hand. The suitcase was a pivotal plot devise in which the contents are only seen by the characters in the film but not the audience. In film terms this is called a ‘McGuffin’ and was so named by the master of mystery himself, Alfred Hitchcock. In short it is a plot device that builds motivation for the characters, but the actual object isn’t seen by the audience. The idea of a McGuffin went on to be used by everyone from George Lucas to Steven Spielberg, but none took it to the level that Tarantino did with an open glowing suitcase that the audience could only speculate to its contents in Pulp Fiction.

It would appear that the writer and director Danny Sangra of MyTheresa’s latest fashion short is himself a ‘McGuffin Man.’ Within the piece a group of friends are suppose to meet for lunch but one is late. Which as it turns out is a habit that comes with a series of elaborate excuses. Eventually she shows up with another suspect excuse, and one amazing McGuffin of a Balenciaga handbag.

The three friends played by Marie Trestef, Jessica Cressy, and Ines Terlet inject a sophisticated and comical sense to the spot with has rich characterization. The short takes a completely nonsensical direction and the audience goes along with it due to their superb acting good sense of humor. And if MyTheresa continues to call upon their McGuffin Man, Danny Sangra, he will quickly become one we can all claim to know.

Writer and Director | Danny Sangra
Models | Marie Trestef, Jessica Cressy, Ines Terlet
Director of Photography | Martial Schmeltz
Makeup | Celine Martin
Stylist | Isabella Caruana-Gordon
Hair Stylist | Olivier Henry