PRADA escapes to the surreal in partnership with Art Direction from AMO and direction by MATTEO FRITTELLI

No one ever accused fashion of playing 100% in reality, but one could argue that Miuccia Prada has always had one foot based in it. For her Spring 2016 fashion film Prada has teamed up with longtime runway as well as store space art directors, AMO, to create a surrealistic look at her collection in a film entitled Real Fantasies. ]

The film is set in an abstract and indefinite hanger populated with geometric objects and models moving through neutral space. The concept behind the video was to expand upon the graphic reinterpretation of the fashion show venue, Indefinite Hangar. As the horizon and scale constantly shift the viewer finds themselves in a place where fiction and collection collide.

Overall the video feels as though it is a mashup of Surrealism meets fantasy settings of early 90’s Wallpaper magazine. Adding to the composition is the harp arrangement set to a drum track by musician 3o –, which reminds The Impression of 50’s film soundtracks combined with samba. Despite the variety of influences and vastness of the space, the idea of a designer collision does ultimately lead to real fantasies and that after all is what luxury is all about.

Art Direction | AMO – Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Giacomo Ardesio, & Giulio Margheri
Production | APRIL
Executive Producer | Alessandro Farinella
Director | Matteo Frittelli
Editor | Andrea Favia
Asst. Editor | Maria Giovanna Monaco
Visual Effects | Giulia Regalini
Camera and Support | Atlantis Film
Music | 3o –