By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Muccia Prada and Steven Meisel have teamed up to deliver a hauntingly stunning resort campaign, and with a wink, wisely releasing on All Hallows Eve.

The imagery has a slightly eerie resemblance to Village of the Damneda 1960 eerie British film in a group of children are born under strange circumstances in Midwich England. All growing at 3 times the normal rate of humans, developing mind reading powers and showing no empathy or conscious. In the Wolf Rilla directed film the children walk in groups and stand staringly at the adults around them forcing them to do horrendous acts against their will. The films slogan, ‘Beware the Stare that will Paralyze the Will of the World‘ aptly applies to this campaign.v-damned.001

Steven Meisel is ever the storyteller with this piece and the accompanying music by Murcofis is both haunting and alluring. With nods to The Shining we stand transfixed under the gazes of waifs Adrienne Juliger, Ine Neefs & Moya Mardy while the camera slowly guides us in a ghostly fashion. The result is a scare fare that we find unearthly attractive. And like the 1960’s film that went on to spawn a sequel, Children of Damned, we can only hope Prada continues to heighten our senses.

Village of the damned Prada.001

Photography | Steven Meisel
Film Direction |  DJA
Models | Adrienne Juliger, Ine Neefs & Moya Mardy
Stylst | Olivier Rizzo
Hair | Guido Palau
Makeup | Pat McGrath
Filming and Editing | Gordon von Steiner
Film Production | PRODn
Music | Rostro by Murcof