PROEZA SCHOULER  presents Pre-Fall Collection via artful fashion film SPRING 2016 ADS


For their forthcoming pre-fall collection designers Jack McCollough and Lorenzo Hernandez of Proenza Schouler have put female relationships in the spotlight with a fashion film entitled “PS I Love You (Ithigi Lithigove Yithigou)”.

The film features many famous faces like French model Sibyl Buck and her daughter Puma; Coco and Rubyrose Hill; Carol Kane and Natasha Lyonne; Adele Thibodeaux and Liz Hopkins. Focusing in on mothers and daughters, best friends and lovers, the two-minute film uses portraiture to capture the complicated love behind these relatable female relationships. All the while sharing the looks and accessories of pre-fall in subtle context.

To help bring this campaign to life, Proeza Schouler used ambitious British photographer Harley Weir, known for his editorials in Vogue Paris, Dazed and i-D, and campaigns for Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney. Weir also directed Proenza Schouler’s Legs Are Not Doors, Spring 2015 film last year, which included the likes of Binx Walton, Chloë Sevigny, Fei Fei Sun, Liv Tyler, and Laura Love.

The film is somewhat provocative, showing lovers intimately embrace one another and mothers interact playfully with their daughters. Like their collection, the piece straddles the fine line between art and commercialism. It also includes a touching narration from the cast who share why female relationships are so exceptionally strong.

The idea of unconditional love resonates strongly, creating a familiarity and conversation between the women in the film to the women who buy designer collections. The mood isn’t set to directly push product, it is set to emotionally connect, which wise designers like Proenza Schouler recognize is crucial in order to form a greater bond between themselves and their consumers.

Although love is blind, it is definitely bold and something we want to see more of.


Creative Director | Jen Brill
Director | Harley Weir
Talent | (in order of appearance)
Sibyl Buck & Puma Rose Buck, Coco & Ruby Rose Hill, Sarah & Selah Marley, Kembra Pfahler & Christian Music, Carol Kane & Natasha Lyonne, Jade Berreau & Secret Snow, Adele Thibodeaux & Liz Hopkins, and Choichun Leung & Sahara Lin
Stylist | Sara Moonves
Set Design | Matt Jackson
Hair | Tina Outen
Makeup | Courtney Perkins