Rachel Gilman, Fashion Stylist Interview

Fewer industries offer a broader arrange of career opportunities than fashion. In our ongoing series, The Impression highlights some of the industry’s most talented people and interesting jobs.

How did you get your start in styling?
I was originally interested in fashion design and after interning for Betsey Johnson I was hired full time and worked for her for nearly three years. I became aware of styling as stylist Bill Mullen would come and style the shows, and as friends moved on to assisting stylists I was curious and realized that I preferred the immediacy of photo shoots as opposed to being involved in every fashion design detail. My first real internship began with Patti Wilson and I was finding myself on set with Whitney Houston!

What stylist/photographers from the past or present have influenced you the most?
My greatest mentor is the stylist Aleksandra Woroniecka who just took on the role of Fashion Director of Vogue Paris. I worked for her as a first assistant for nearly five years and she has taught me so much. I will be forever grateful to her. Under her I learned about the importance of versatility, and to be balanced in work and in life. And to sit whilst eating lunch, no matter how busy the day is.

In regards to photographers, I LOVE Viviane Sassen’s work. And always Inez & Vinoodh.

What makes for a great styled story?
I prefer stories that are unique and don’t involve a head to toe fashion look as anyone can call in that look and put it on a model. I like personality, shape, color, print, and humor in styling…some kind of strange twist or detail that makes everything feel new and fresh.

What’s the most important thing you want potential clients to know about you?
I think being resourceful and flexible is incredibly important as styling is problem solving.

Favorite TV Show
The Walking Dead is a favorite. I love a good Zombie movie or tv show! I wish I could go to Atlanta and be an extra. That would be a dream come true.

What type of impression do you want to make?
I want to make a positive, reliable, and clever impression. Why do this if you don’t have your own voice and you are not a pleasure to be around?

Rachel Gilman is a Fashion Stylist on the The Impression Biannual Vol. 2