Lindsey Wixson goes from Model to “Modoll”
By Marissa Tozzi | Impressionist

Let’s face it, even supermodels need a little “dolling up” from time to time. American model Lindsey Wixson has just become the inspiration of a limited edition 3D-printed doll, brought to you by photographers Santiago & Mauricio.

Recognizable for her iconic features like her big, luscious lips, gap-toothed smile, wide eyes, and porcelain complexion, Wixson seems to be the perfect candidate for a new unique take on a doll. This experimental project was created to see if you could create a 3D doll with the same look, feel, personality, and charisma of a top model. Limited editions will be sold on the project’s website: The Modoll Project. With many contributors to this year-long project including producer Cesar Leon, The Society, Fauxograph printing, hair and makeup stylists Thanos Samaras and Ralph Siciliano, stylist Charlotte Stockdale, and even Lindsey herself, they were able to create this miniature-sized, 20-inch supermodel, a “Modoll”. Refashioning looks from Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, and Saint Laurent, stylist Charlotte Stockdale was able to select the looks for the modoll to bring their creation to life.

This innovative doll required a lot of research, detail, and experimenting. Working with 3D scanning and printing techniques, they actually scanned Wixson’s face in order to truly capture her unique features and personality, which were transferred directly to the doll. Makeup artist Ralph Siciliano explains how difficult it is to create Wixson’s look on a doll, seeing as there’s little room for mistakes, and fashion stylist Charlotte Stockdale explains the difficult process of recreating high-fashion looks for a 20-inch doll.

Switching from models to modolls seems like a lot of hard work and time! Mixing beauty and fashion with science is a new and very difficult thing to achieve, but Santiago & Mauricio were clearly ready to take on the challenge. Now Lindsey Wixson can slay the fashion industry as a “modoll,” not just as a supermodel.

Creation | Santiago & Mauricio
Model | Lindsey Wixson
Stylist | Charlotte Stockdale
Producer | Cesar Leon
Associate Producer | Miguel Batel
Project Manager | The Society Management
Modoll Hair | Thanos Samaras
Modoll Make-up | Ralph Siciliano
Wardrobe | Esther Matilla
Modoll 3D | Fauxograph, New York