By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

On the heels of her recently directed holiday campaign for The Gap, Sofia Coppola continues her foray into fashion directing with her recent commercial spot for the Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance collection.

No stranger to the world of Marc Jacobs, having been a spokesperson for his fragrance herself in the iconic ads lensed by Jurgen Teller, Coppola brings her feminine sensibility to the spot. Featuring a quartet of barefoot summer waifs playfully passing the day away in fields of daisies in the countryside, the piece is an ode to youth and friendship.

The spot opens with a plucking of petals as the viewer can’t help but feel the director, is playing ‘he loves me . . . he loves me not’ with us. The director has always had a strong sense of the hopefulness, mystery, and melancholy of youth as demonstrated in her films The Bling Ring to The Virgin Suicides. Here she touches upon the playfulness of friendships to full affect in a rather straightforward piece.

While the piece is pleasant enough it lacks emotional staying power that could come from a few key words of dialogue. Ideally it would be nice to see the Oscar winning screenwriter in her bring that emoting dialogue to fashion projects, as clearly she understands the nuances of visuals within our industry.

All in all, the piece is like a daisy itself, fresh, pleasant, but also seasonal.


Director | Sofia Coppola
Models | Ondria Hardin