Laird + Partners puts a Fashion Touch on the New Soulcycle “Find It!” Campaign that Challenges Viewers to Find their Purpose


Fashion and sports at one time were very foreign to one another. Long before NBA star LeBron James was on the cover of GQ and Russell Westbrook developed a partnership with Barneys, the athletes donned boxy, unflattering, off-the-rack suits for their proud moment at the NBA Draft. “Broadway” Joe Namath may have paved the way for Super Bowl Champions Tom Brady and Victor Cruz to star in campaigns for Ugg and Givenchy, respectively, but that road took decades to build.

So what finally bridged the gap between fashion and fitness? Well, it was simply looking your best. Nowadays, the appearance on the outside no longer takes priority over the feeling on the inside. Feeling good and looking your best both require countless hours and energy, but while some can become fashionistas over night, no one can be stronger in just a day, or even in a week, month or year. Building strength takes true dedication. You can’t fake that.

Authenticity is a major theme for cultish fitness company SoulCycle and its new “FIND IT!” campaign. The New York City-based company partnered with Laird+Partners on the video that celebrates the growing SoulCycle community and challenges viewers to “find your soul.”

“FIND IT!” captures the true purpose of SoulCycle: testing yourself and pushing beyond your limits.

We just wanted to bring the campaign a fashion eye to give it a desire and edge that was elevated

- Trey Laird, Chief Creative Officer & Chairman of Laird+Partners

Laird knows every bit of a SoulCycle class, having been an avid SoulCycle rider for years. The Chief Creative that has created campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Belstaff and Lane Bryant took a fashion approach to the “FIND IT!” campaign to illustrate the beauty in such raw, intense activity.

In “FIND IT!”, the viewer is introduced to the SoulCycle world with real instructors that take turns sharing words of encouragement that you would expect to hear during an actual spin class. Between black and white shots of the instructors, the video takes you through intense classes featuring riders glowing from the dim yellow light, and pushing for a breakthrough on the bike.

Laird took a fashion approach to the campaign to add excitement and energy to sports and fitness, but he did not sacrifice the realism to do so.

I just felt that most sports stuff looks generic, like an infomercial from 1977. I wanted to capture emotion and authenticity as these are real trainers. And just let them rip.

- Trey Laird

“FIND IT!” truly encourages the viewer to go out and find their purpose, and it won’t come as a surprise if many head to SoulCycle in search of it.







Agency | Laird+Partners
Creative Director | Trey Laird
Film Director | Matt Baron
Photographer | Christian Ferretti
Stylist | Ryan Young

Editor | Will Town /Modern Post
Sets | Stefan Beckman
Social Strategy | Natalie Paul
Account Director | Caroline McMillen
Production | Patrick Kinsella
Graphic Design | Melina Kok
BTS Photography | Lewis Merritt
Music | “With You” by Illenium (ft. Quinn XCII) (Crystal Skies Remix) Courtesy of Seeking Blue Records

Laird + Partners
Trey Laird | Chief Creative Officer

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Natalie Paul | Senior Social Strategist
Yale Breslin | Director of Content
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Miriam Hertzfeld | Senior Producer
Caroline Macmillan | Account Director
Phillip Gutman | Director of Special Projects
John Rizzo | Project Manager