Our Look at the Five Key Trends of Spring 2016 | Today’s Trend – The Maximalist

By Jonathan Huynh | Impressionist

When it came to the Spring 2016 collections, some of fashion’s most forward designers brought a “more is more” attitude via piling up colorful avant-garde embroidery with fun stripes and embellishments. Designers from Gucci’s Alessandro Michele to Muccia Prada to Marc Jacobs all displayed an unconventional yet refreshing vibe that was a combination of over the top dandyism mixed with geek chic for the Spring 2016 season.

The front-runner of the maximalist look was Gucci, who brought an eccentric attitude; through sheer elaborate dresses to bow neck blouses – each precision was magnified through silk, lace, frills and elaborate beautifications. Gucci surpassed their eccentric look by adding a pair of chic geeky glasses.

Massimo Giorgetti at Emillo Pucci and Muccia Prada at Prada endeavored in the Maximalist look as well; Prada who exhibited looks from the sixties with menswear inspired jackets, paired looks in vibrant colored stripes with a touch of gold lipstick to sustain the quirky vibe.

The look is 100% over the top with layering of embellishments and patterns, mixed with complimentary and contrasting colors. While it may appear that there can be no wrong these are extremely well thought out taking style to the max. Here is The Impression’s First Trend of Spring 2016 season – The Maximalist.