Stuart Weitzman Launches Fashion’s First Cinemagraph Campaign on Instagram

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Stuart Weitzman is showing fashion how to put their best foot forward with fashion’s first motion based Instagram campaign. The campaign, which breaks Wednesday on Instagram, leverages a technique called Cinemagraph, which essentially gives motion to still photographs via a hybrid of photography and individual instants of motion isolated against a static image.


Cinemagraphs allow us to share mesmerizing moments that extend the visual vocabulary of the brand. We are very excited to bring life to this innovative Instagram campaign, which will enable us to connect with new consumers on an intimate and aspirational level. The opportunities for engagement and organic reach are limitless.

Susan Duffy
Chief Marketing Officer of Stuart Weitzman

That engagement will play out for two weeks with four separate Cinemagraphs, including one with a flickering image of founder and designer Stuart Weitzman in a television set. The Cinemagraphs were done in collaboration with visual artists Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Ann Street Studio, who cleverly pioneered the technique. And thanks to the recent introduction of autoplay on both Instagram and Facebook, that technique has the potential to be in high demand as smart brands like Staurt Weitzman leverage the benefits of motion.

To augment the Instagram creative, Staurt Weitzman has centered the campaign around their proprietary hashtag #inourshoes and layered in an additional media buy on Facebook, utilizing their new reach capabilities. The result extends the storytelling capabilities across both social platforms, allowing the brand to retarget people who see the campaign on Instagram.

With their feet planted in both platforms, Stuart Weitzman stands at the forefront of marrying fashion creative with tech. The Impression believes this may be one small step for Stuart Weitzman and one giant leap for fashion.

Photographer | Ann Street Studio
Creative Directors | Susan Duffy & Amir Zia in collaboration with Ann Street Studio