The Impression talks with Target and creative director Richard Christiansen about their new Lilly Pulitzer for Target Campaign

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

Target has their Pulitzer and is more than happy to share it – with the launch of the Lilly Pulitzer collection this week. To kick off the collection, Target engaged Chandelier to develop a campaign which features a party to end all parties, concepted by Chandelier’s Chief Creative Officer, Richard Christiansen.

The Impression spoke with Christiansen along with Target spokesperson Jessica Carlson about the TV spot, the launch, barware, and working with a wide variety of talent.

Looks like Target & Lilly Pulitzer know how to throw a party. Jessica, what type of excitement is Target drumming up for the launch?
Jessica: There is always a lot of excitement for Target’s collaborations, especially when we partner with beloved brands like Lilly Pulitzer. Over the past several months, our teams have focused on spreading the word in different ways.

In many ways it starts with the campaign, which we worked closely with the Lilly Pulitzer team on. The campaign was inspired by Lilly herself and the attributes the Target brand and the Lilly Pulitzer brand share: expressing a sense of style that is optimistic, accessible and inventive. Creating a feeling of inclusivity where everyone is invited, feels welcome and surprises happen.

We garnered a lot of buzz by announcing the collaboration in a new way – hosting a party, where we made a surprise announcement of the collaboration and gave guests a chance to view the entire collection.

Social media is a part of guests’ everyday lives and it will play a key role in our campaign for this program. We’ve created an Instagram account, @LillyforTarget, that allows Target’s guests to follow this collaboration every step of the way. We also invite guests to join the conversation across social media using  #LillyforTarget and check our online magazine, A Bullseye View, for the latest information about the collection.

We are also excited to debut the collection early in NYC with a consumer event taking place in Bryant Park on Thursday, April 16. We will be bringing Lilly’s Palm Beach lifestyle to the park by transforming it into a Lilly Pulitzer resort, complete with various activities including a juice bar, water color artists, Essie manicure stations and more. We will also have the Lilly Pulitzer for Target pop-up shop open in the Bryant Park Grill, where guests can shop the full collection before it hits stores and on April 19th.

First things first, we can talk about the concept later but what everyone wants to really know about is the talent. So . . . how was it to work with the giraffe.
Richard: It’s such a sweet story. It was actually his last job – he was retiring. He’d been working in commercials for many years, and had belonged to a wonderful loving owner. He had a new home in Malibu where he was going after the shoot.  There was plenty of space for him to run and play in his new beachside home. So we were all delighted that he was going out with a bang. It was a great glamorous commercial to end on.

You had some other famous luminaries as well, can you tell us about the concept and the casting?
Richard: A party is only as good as the people who attend. And Lilly was famous for her incredible parties. They were filled with interesting characters – from royalty to artists. She had an eclectic group of friends and encouraged everyone to live each day like it was happy hour. In the spirit of Lilly, we created a party that felt the same way. Layered with a sprinkling of celebrity, fashion and pop culture. We wanted people to see the commercial and say “wait, was that who I think it was?” And then replay the commercial to double check.  Surprise and delight.

Had to double back myself a few times if not just for the piano player. What can you share about the concept for the campaign?
Jessica: We are excited to create a single, immersive experience. We’re inviting viewers into a fun-filled party that starts on television and extends into a digital experience where parallax views allow the guests to explore the party from their vantage point and connect them directly with the Lilly product in each room.

Sounds cool. So what are a few items your guests can use to throw their own parties?
Jessica: The entire collection is perfect for throwing your own spring soiree! The collection includes 250 items including apparel, shoes and accessories for women and girls, home goods and cosmetics, ranging in price from to $2 to $150, with nearly 200 items under $30. The collection truly offers something for everyone this spring.

The limited-edition collection marks Lilly Pulitzer’s first foray into a number of categories, including outdoor décor, beach accessories and barware.

Richard, it looks like the party theme actually turned into a party, did you have to kick everyone out after wrapping?
Richard: The shoot was an awesome adventure from start to finish. We shot very late, so it did take on a bit of a party vibe afterwards.

Enjoy the rest of the seasonal party vibe and the launch. Thanks for chatting with us.
Jessica: You’re welcome.
Richard: Pleasure.

Agency | Chandelier
Creative Director | Richard Christiansen
Talent | Bella Thorne, Alek Wek, Nick Young and Chris Noth
Location | Altadena, California