North Face brings new meaning to ‘virtual’ reality with an in-store experience that quickly gets outside their box

By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

You have to love a great retail experience and the Korean team at North Face has created one we here at The Impression would actually pay for.

Within a North Face store at a mall in Korea, guest were invited to get virtual, donning an Oculas Rift headset while sitting in a prop sleigh within the store. Like many this was their first virtual reality experience, and that is were the fun began as the virtual got real quickly with the help of the Korea National Dog Sled Team.

Once again we are awestruck by what can be done abroad as this is yet another marketing event that quickly would go south in the U.S. due to that bane of great marketing – The Lawyers!! Despite that we believe the team at Mall of America and North Face should partner up this winter to create the best holiday shopping experience ever. It’s Minnesota after all, just open the doors to a track in the parking lot!

Advertising Agency | INNORED, Seoul, South Korea
Korea’s National Dog Sledding Team