Agency FASTER HORSES draws on dance for their launch piece with UNIQLO


Dance is one of the oldest and most expressive of the artist forms and this season Uniqlo Europe has taken advantage of its ability to entice and converse with their latest video entitled ‘This Way to Utopia.’

In it a diverse group of modern dancers are set to dance in the urban landscape of London. The opening shot is a pan of a traditional city setting with a train approaching the camera, the viewer is transported quickly via zoom lens to a neighboring rooftop where a modern dancer in acidic green sleeveless puffer is dancing. From there the video draws you in as dancers take flight with the help of special rigging that suspends them from the side of a building, a football post, and a back of a lorry.

The piece is disrupting not due to the music clothing or dance, but because the settings are so pedestrian and everyday. By-passers continue on their journey on foot and by car as a dancer in the most common of places expresses themselves. The result is jarring, and the short piece had us here at The Impression transfixed. Credit clearly goes to the talent in front of the camera but as important to the concept team of Sam Walker and Joe De Souza over at newly formed agency Faster Horses based in London. Walker and De Souza recently formed Faster Horses having both came out of Karmarama ECDs and this Uniqlo piece is their launch project.

And what better way to launch than to reach back to the one of mankind’s earliest forms of celebration.

Advertising Agency | Faster Horses, UK
Creative Directors | Sam Walker, Joe De Souza
Production Company | Riff Raff
Director | Sam Walker
Producer | Gwilym Gwillim
Executive Producer | Mathew Fone
Director of Photography | Stephen Keith Roach
Editor | Joe Guest / Final Cut
Post production / Sound design | Envy
Music | ‘Madeleine’ by Konstantin Sibold
Photographer | Rankin
Print Producer | Helen Archer
Typography/design | Tom Probert / The Cabinet
Mural Illustrator | Jean Jullien
Digital Agency | Graphite
PR agency | Exposure