By Kenneth Richard | The Impressionist

In another example of the difficulty of controlling brand announcements in the digital age, news reports have surfaced that Victoria’s Secret may launch a televised swimwear show in 2015. But rather than the announcement being shared by the brand itself it came via another source, Puerto Rico’s government.

Alberto Bacó, Puerto Rico’s economic and trade development secretary, revealed details of the show via a press release picked by Fox News Latino.

This is a unique international marketing opportunity for Puerto Rico, both to promote ourselves as a tourist destination as well as to do business and big productions with international scope.

Alberto Baco
-Puerto Rico's Economic and Trade Development Secretary

Promote indeed as the department went on to reveal details of the show including the production costs of filming to be $2 million and that Victoria’s Secret has reserved 428 hotel rooms for the models and crew.

Bacó went on to explain that Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Fashion Show will be broadcast in more than 190 countries reaching more than 120 million television viewers throughout the world, according to the report. The program is said to be filmed and photographed in natural locations of the islands of Palomino and Vieques. Bacó said that the bathing suit edition will help “millions of people get to know the marvels” available in Puerto Rico.

News reporters looking to confirm the “alleged” show rushed to social media to find some of the brand’s most well known angels including Lily Aldridge, Isabeli Fontana and Lily Donaldson have shared images of themselves on Instagram on location in South America.  Victoria’s Secret has not confirmed via a release that there is an indeed a show, but their Instagram account this weekend featured a bathing beauty with #somethingbigiscoming. Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 11.34.57 AM

The news of the “alleged” show represents to the Impression the double edge sword of marketing in a digital age. Years ago a press release without the advent of digital would take a while to bubble up to the global stage and likely could be pulled back should the need arise, relegating the news to a pocket or region. Today news moves at the speed of Google and Instagram attracting a global audience within moments.

We can only assume that if true, Victoria’s Secret would have liked to control the announcement of their swimwear show and likely had a teaser campaign around it. The Impression has observed that Victoria’s Secret has a strong swimwear business that they promote typically in February to support the collegiate spring break business and is delighted the brand has taken their strength in this arena to the next level. While Sports Illustrated has built a media business around the idea of bikini clad models, it is after all a media business. Victoria’s Secret has credibility in the swimwear space, something new to offer and certainly the talent to leverage. Should the reports of this show be accurate, we wish them well in this new venture in branding. And again if true, may we suggest to Puerto Rico to prepare a heavy discount. And if you want VS back for a follow-up, we also suggest this phrase: “Everything on the house!”