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24 Sèvres Where Fashion Comes to Life Fashion Film


Online fashion destination and distributor 24 Sèvres has released a brand new fashion film titled “Where Fashion Comes to Life” celebrating femininity, self-expression and the ultimate Parisian fashion store Le Bon Marche. At the helm for the film is the acclaimed director Nicolas Winding Refn known for his ultra-stylish aesthetically driven films such as the recent “Neon Demon” and his masterwork “Drive.” The film has the feel of a lavish music video set to the song “Genie” by Busy P and Mayer Hawthorne with the Le Bon Marche serving as an almost magical backdrop to this expression of self and creativity.

The film begins with some gorgeous shots of Le Bon Marche made even more beautiful and eye-catching with Refn’s signature use of deep, contrasting colors with a neon glow. The subjects of the film are a group of “mannequins” in the store that come to life when the sun goes down over Paris. The “mannequins” begin to dance with sharp, popping movements as Le Bon Marche becomes their own fantastical playground. The “mannequins” eventually break one of the store’s windows and they take the streets of Paris with their dance and self-expression.

This film serves as an homage to the the dancer and creator that lives within all of us just waiting for the sun to come down so it can finally break free and move like no one is watching. The film uses Le Bon Marche as a place that creates a spark and brings inspiration to an individual, a place where one can come and be themselves and express themselves however they want. Behind the stylish visuals and fun atmosphere is a real strong message about individuality and being oneself.



Director | Nicolas Winding Refn
Choreographer | Nicolas Huchard
Music | ‘Busy P’ by Genie feat. Mayer Hawthorne