A.L.C. Fall 2018 Ad Campaign by Amy Arbus

A.L.C. | Fall 2018 Ad Campaign

Looks like we’re back in the 80s with A.L.C.’s Fall 2018 campaign, which enlists the help of photographer Amy Arbus and stylist Julia Sarr-Jamois this season.

Arbus is a New York-based photographer/author who teaches portraiture at various establishments and has published several books. She is known for documenting the urban street-style scene of New York in the 80s from musical artists like The Clash and Madonna to some of New York City’s darker subjects working the streets.

Here we find her capturing not necessarily the Mean Streets of NYC but the clean streets, as models Adesuwa Aighewi, Rhadika Nair, Cristina Piccone, and Julia Banas celebrate their confidence, strength, elegance, and influence as they pose in the empty streets of New York City.

“We felt it only natural to partner on capturing how something [Arbus] created is re-interpreted today,” said Andrea Lieberman, A.L.C.’s founder. A wise move indeed for the house to recognize an artist who is equally gifted on the city streets as she is commercially.

Creative Director A.L.C. | Andrea Lieberman
Photographer | Amy Arbus
Video | 
Ungano + Agriodimas
Models | Adesuwa Aighewi, Rhadika Nair, Cristina Piccone, Julia Banas
Stylist | Julia Sarr-Jamois
Location | New York City