Alan Crocetti Fall 2019 Ad Campaign

Alan Crocetti

Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Pierre Debusschere

The human form is augmented by Alan Crocetti’s jewelry in his new ‘Erotica’ campaign.

The new campaign from the London based jewelry house, shot by photographer Pierre Deusschere, is incredibly sensual. Skin shines, muscles contort and bones protrude, emphasizing the organic geometry of the human body and evoking an awareness of the sensation of one’s own body. The lone prop from the shoot, a slime which gushes forth from the models’ hands, furthers this exploration of natural forms with its amorphous shape as well as lending additional tactility to the photographs. Alan Crocetti’s jewelry is at home in these images, where it seems more an extension of the body than mere adornment. Earrings nestle seamlessly into ears and rings cup knuckles with such ease it renders their unconventional forms as familiar as the nude bodies upon which they are shown.

Pierre Deusschere shoots the models so as to create little distinction between their bodies, frequently having the two pose intertwined. Even when the models are separated, they sometimes assume the same pose with the same piece of jewelry as their counterpart does in a different photograph. The ambiguity between their bodies is so strong it is difficult to distinguish which model is the subject of the campaign’s close up shots. Such androgyny is reflective of Alan Crocetti’s jewelry, whose clean, organic forms complement masculine and feminine bodies with equal ease. This fact is well known to the designer, who chooses not to categorize his creations by gender.

The gorgeous, sensual images of ‘Erotica’ result from the seamless merging of Alan Crocetti’s jewelry with the organic forms of the male and female body.

Alan Crocetti Fall 2019 Ad Campaign

Alan Crocetti Creative Director | Alan Crocetti
Photographer | Pierre Debusschere
Models | Jess Cole & Georges Labbat
Hair | Benjamin David
Makeup | Marlien Echelpoels
Casting | Chloe Rosolek Casting
Producer | Rebecca Cuglietta
Location | 254Forest, Brussels