Alber Elbaz x Tod’s Happy Moments Launch Campaign

Alber Elbaz x Tod’s

Happy Moments Launch Campaign

When Alber Elbaz left Lanvin in 2015, his role in the fashion world changed dramatically. He had spent 14 years as the Creative Director of Lanvin, before stepping away. After 4 years of being a free agent, pondering questions of the role of designers in the fashion industry, and the role of the industry in our societies, Alber Elbaz is back, and oh so happy!

Tod’s Happy Moments by Alber Elbaz is the second install of the Italian brand’s Factory Project, named after Andy Warhol’s New York Studio from the 1960’s. The Factory Project, launched in the fall with a capsule collection from Alessandro Dell’Acqua, is an effort to rejuvenate the Tod’s brand. After a difficult couple of years in terms of revenue and branding, Tod’s, owned by Diego Della Valle, is hoping that collaborations with leading designers will serve their brand well. 

Tod’s Happy Moments by Alber Elbaz is significant for both Tod’s and Elbaz. Just as Tod’s has been making an intentional effort to reinvent, Elbaz has also been intentional about his return to fashion. Elbaz has designed bags and accessories for LeSportsac, has perfected fragrances with Editions de Parfums, and has served mentorships at renowned universities. Tod’s Happy Moments by Alber Elbaz features 6 groups of shoes and bags, totaling in 100 different items. Elbaz wanted to ensure that the collection and its campaign would embody the soul of Tod’s brand, a soul that is of heritage and family.

Sketches and videos of happy moments were the forefront of the campaign. The sketches themselves are in Elbaz’s handwriting, concepting not only the campaign, but of what the campaign represents—a life of happiness and celebration. Weddings, birthdays, dancing, music, cake, balloons—all things celebration, with Alber Elbaz as the instigator of joy. Tod’s hosted a party in Paris to launch the collaboration, which along with the campaign itself, was shared through Instagram. 

And an Instagram moment it was. Tod’s has a great understanding of the content that users enjoy interacting with, and certainly used that understanding to their advantage. Bright and colorful images of shoes, balloons, kittens and cake cannot be ignored. Nor can Alber Elbaz’s reemergence into the fashion scene. Elbaz is once again vulnerable to judgment from the shopping world. But through Tod’s Happy Moments, Elbaz sets the record straight. He is happy. The brand is happy. And the celebration’s just begun. 

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