Fall 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Ambush Fall 2021 Ad Campaign with Photographer Harley Wei with models Dija Kallon, Moustapha Sy, Sherry Shi, Vilma Sjöberg

Ambush reflects on tradition and togetherness in a new Fall 2021 campaign by photographer Harley Weir.

While its obliquely suggested narrative of friends enjoying a vacation together at a modernist lake house feels recognizable, the campaign is much more of an exercise in mood, tone, and aesthetic than concrete storyline or character. Weir deftly uses the positioning of bodies, changing light, and reflecting surfaces to conjure up shifting and reflective emotional landscapes. Across the of images, the surface of the lake converses with panes of glass, dawn skies with deep night.

The images and their characters are wrapped in a sense of psychological mystery, but the one thing that feels clear is the strong bond they share with each other. From the adventurous, practical daytime looks to the night’s casual yet elevated eveningwear, the pleasure of dressing to bring yourself joy subtly emerges. So the campaign does sustain a note of quiet positivity and colorful aspiration, even among its darkly cerebral introspection.

It’s impressive that Weir is able to balance these aspects with such cohesion, and it makes for a campaign that draws us in with its immediate visual impact, yet never reveals its secrets, instead inviting us ever deeper as we reflect on its exploration of self, other, and the translucent space in between.

Ambush Creative Director | Yoon Ahn
Photographer | Harley Wei
Models | Dija Kallon, Moustapha Sy, Sherry Shi, Vilma Sjöberg
Stylist | Carlos Nazario
Hair | Louis Ghewy
Makeup | Masae Ito
Casting Director | Rachel Chandler