Ambush Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos


Spring 2021 Ad Campaign

Review of Ambush Spring 2021 Ad Campaign by Creative Directors Yoon Ahn, Gary Horton & Photographer Ethan James Green with Anok Yai and Malik Anderson

Though Ambush and its creative director Yoon Ahn – who also works as jewelry design director for Dior Homme – have garnered quite a following over the last decade, they have only just unveiled their first proper ad campaign. Ahn worked with creative director Gary Horton and photographer Ethan James Green to realize the imagery for the Spring 2021 campaign.

The campaign uses subtle juxtapositions to explore the idea of a comfort zone.

Ahn’s new collection makes frequent use of relaxed fit and oversized proportions, the pieces enveloping the wearer in a safe world of softness. But there are also elements that subtly suggest power and strength, such as wide-shouldered jackets, square leather shoes, and jewelry.

These competing elements take shape in the campaign imagery through a textural intersection of hard and soft. Green captures his models in a minimalist interior of hard-edged concrete. But he often interposes a billowing white sheet behind his models, obscuring the space in a flowing softness. The short film creates a similar sense of tension by quickly cutting between slowed-down and sped-up shots.

In addition to expanding the sense of the designs out into a luxurious visual world, the campaign suggests interesting questions about dressing and how it makes us feel. Does comfort mean softness and a relaxed fit? Freedom of motion? Feeling empowered and strong?

It’s impressive that a debut campaign manages to balance visual simplicity with complex and intriguing ideas – but considering the talent behind it, we’re not surprised it does such an excellent job.

Ambush Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos
Ambush Spring 2021 Ad Campaign Film & Photos

Ambush Creative Director | Yoon Ahn
Creative Direction | Yoon Ahn and Gary Horton
Photographer | Ethan James Green
Models | Anok Yai and Malik Anderson
Stylist | Carlos Nazario
Hair | Jawara
Makeup | Susie Sobol
Production | AP Studio, Inc
Casting Director | Liz Goldson
Set Design | Julia Wagner