Anya Hindmarch

Continues to Innovate with Latest Postbox Maze

We know Anya Hindmarch for crafting intriguing and immersive experiences through installations that are incredibly unique and innovative. As she’s stepped away from runway to create these innovative consumer experiences, her productions have created a lasting memory within her consumer’s – creating a product that serves as a souvenir for that brand experience. From her Chubby Cloud installation to her Weave Project, the accessories designer sure knows how to put a creative twist on modern-day craftsmanship. And this season she’s done it again.

For London Fashion Week, Anya Hindmarch celebrates the launch of her Postbox Bag by announcing The Postbox Maze Installation – an immersive art exhibition celebrating the joy of the written word.

Once participants solve the maze, they are brought into the Post Box Maze Café where they were gifted with stationary-themed pastry treats such as letter and stamp cookies.

Thanks to a unique tessellated design created by leading maze and puzzle designer Adrain Fisher, the experience allows participants to immerse themselves in a series of recordings – ones consisting of extraordinary written letters from around the world that span many eras.

In addition, visitors will be presented with a gallery of novelties loaned by The Postal Museum, a museum that presents unseen views of some of the world’s most monumental events in history as well as a look into the beginnings of the earliest social network.

Last on Anya Hindmarch’s immersive journey are calligraphy workshops that participants can attend with calligraphy experts Quill London. Here, they will be taught how to use ink and nib to craft beautifully handcrafted letters while being encouraged to write their own letter which will then be posted for them.. a celebration of the lost art of letter-writing.