Anya Hindmarch’s Weave Project

One of Fashion's Most Creative Presenters

This week the industry was abuzz with news related to a potential sale of Anya Hindmarch by Qatari backer, Mayhoola for Investments. Meanwhile, as we look back to reflect on the craziness that is fashion month, the growing scale of the season’s spectacle, and who had the most creative thinking in terms of a presentation, The Impression had to ask ‘Is this generation’s most creative presenter out of accessories rather than RTW?’

Anya Hindmarch is known for innovation, artistry and exclusivity — not only with her accessories designs, but with the ability to showcase these collections through exhibitions that are just as immersive as they are innovative. Hindmarch first brought her handbags to the runway back in 2011 — her being the first accessories designer to hold an on-schedule London Fashion Week show.

And it’s Hindmarch’s witty, idealistic, and immersive approach to her installations that present audiences with intriguing content that make them unable to look away. From her Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection titled ‘Cascade‘ — which revealed her handbag collection through a landscape of 50,000 collapsing dominoes, to her Spring 2017 runway show that detailed a space-age-like amphitheater, with circles descending into a sunken spiral to portray a ‘Circulous‘ theme, Hindmarch sure explores her imagination, giving us some of the most creative content we’ve seen from accessories designers.

And in honor of London Fashion Week, she created The Weave Project which was presented from February the 16th to the 19th. The immersive art installation featured The Tube, an art piece created by artists collective Numen/For Use, which featured a woven mesh structure in which visitors could climb through to experience every surreal angle of the creation — one that drew inspiration from Hindmarch’s prominent lightweight woven tote. This tote, which has been revised into the accessory designer’s SS19 Neeson bag, launched globally coinciding with the installation.

Giving customers a further immersive experience, this project also included the Weave Project café as well as a concept store offering one-off merchandise from The Weave Project along with the new Spring/Summer 2019 Neeson collection.

And at the installation — as well as at a chain of pop-ups in Anya Hindmarch stores and with select global partners — customers will have the chance to design hand-woven symbols, words, and initials to personalize the Neeson bag.

Anya Hindmarch has woven together a string of stellar presentation ideas that supersede that of any not only any accessory designer but 99% of RTW designers whose sole form of communication is via a fashion show. She has transcended the confines of how an accessory designer is perceived and it is that type of thinking that is necessary to thrive in today’s experiential environment from retail to communication. While we don’t claim to know the inner working of the finances related to the business, we certainly know the power of presentation and thinking without borders. So should a sale be in the works, lucky is the buyer who lets Anya Hindmarch weave her magic.

Anya Hindmarch

The Weave Project will be a completely immersive and playful installation that you can experience from the inside out. Following on from the Chubby Cloud, we like to take our customers on the journey behind the inspiration for our collections, in this case The Neeson. This is a beautiful sculpture and a complex project to bring to life but one that I can’t wait to share. 

Anya Hindmarch