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Store Scout – ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo NYC West Village

Anthony Thomas Melillo recreates the luxurious ease of his men’s and women’s collections for his brand’s West Village store that marks as its first permanent retail location.


DNA, the building blocks of life and the primary reason why we are who we are, is important in biology and business. We are all unique individuals because of our DNA, and the same can be said for companies and brands. No two brands are the same, even if they appear the same or if one is a knockoff of another. Every successful brand never strays from its DNA and they continue to refine themselves based on this practice.

The DNA of Anthony Thomas Melillo is the comfort, ease and relaxation of a basic t-shirt. The brand launched exclusively at Barneys New York with a collection of t-shirts, and it has since expanded to a full lifestyle collection for men and women. Although ATM introduced bottoms and bodysuits in heavy knits and luxurious fabrics, the brand continues to look to the comfortable and easy t-shirt as inspiration. Even the brand’s first permanent store captures that ease and relaxed vibe.

The first ATM store, located at 405 Bleecker Street in the West Village, is minimal and welcoming, allowing the customer to appreciate the brand’s relaxed and elegant clothing and furniture that are all designed by Tony himself. The 1,200-square-foot store may be designed to look like an unfinished home but it is as inviting as a fully furnished and upholstered apartment.

Natural white oak flooring, trim work and shelving span the store and complement racks crafted from powdered blackened steel and a back wall painted cement and matte black, Tony’s signature color. Tony also designed a recycled black denim sofa for the store, which sits in the rear of the space near a large lattice-like wooden installation that displays the brand’s three custom candles, and he designed a large ebonized black walnut table in the center of the store.

The ATM Bleecker Street store is a place to take a load off and read or chat for a few minutes before continuing your day. The kind of store where you can exhale deeply and drop your shoulders. It is very much like a great t-shirt. A collared shirt, jacket, or blazer cannot offer the same ease that a t-shirt can, and no other store can recreate that ease quite like ATM. That’s just the brand’s DNA.

405 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014


Store Hours
Mon. – Sat. 11am – 7pm
Sun. 12-6pm