Fall 2019 Ad Campaign by Zoe Ghertner & Wednesday

Selfexploration is often accomplished through the simple connection between yourself and the great outdoors. Going back to their pioneering heritage, Bally takes their fall 2019 ad campaign to new heights in the Swiss Alps as they conquer and explore their immensity. Lensed by photographer Zoe Ghartner and created by the agency Wednesday, the campaign reflects the brand’s own connection to its Swiss origins and the escapism that comes from adventure. 

Zoe Ghartner, known for her naturalistic style of photography, captures the combination of rich craftsmanship and journey embedded in the campaign. The search and need for exploration found in hiking in the mountain of Switzerland is accompanied by the collection’s dichotomy of dynamic outerwear and crisp style. The juxtaposition of delicate details to the bold colors of the clothing is transferable to the solidarity of an explorer lost in the vastness of the Swiss Alps.

Bally’s new campaign for the season explores its mountain heritage and an inspiration for exploration. In Bally’s fall 2019 ad campaign power, Zoe Ghartner lenses the beauty and power of finding yourself through exploration; whether it is in your own backyard or the limitless Swiss Alps.

Bally Creative Director | Morad Tabrizi 
Agency | Wednesday
Photographer | Zoe Ghertner
Director | Errol Rainey
Models | Conie Vallese & Baptiste Zysman
Stylist | Francesca Burns
Hair | Rudi Lewis 
Makeup | Niamh Quinn
Casting Director | Piergiorgio Del Moro
Production | Amazed by Productions

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