Bikkembergs Fall 2019 Ad Campaign


Fall 2019 Ad Campaign

The first of the men’s fall 2019 ad campaigns has broken as Bikkembergs unveils its latest. Minimalism is the word when it comes to this new campaign. The simplistic black and white hues show off the casual theme of the new designs, as Creative Director Lee Wood portrays the attitude of the house itself.

Marked by the recent re-branding of the company as simply Bikkembergs, rather than Dirk Bikkembergs, this campaign comes at a time when quick, uncomplicated, and effortless are at the forefront of innovation and fashion. Photographer Leon Mark perfectly captures model Robbi Gruendler personifying the essence of the casual style in several singular shots while centering on the unconventional masculinity of the model himself.

People often say ‘less is more,’ and in the case of Bikkembergs, that is absolutely true. With this, the House’s embodiment of the uniformity and simplicity is executed flawlessly. The next chapter is rather bright for Wood and the brand, not at all darkened by their introduction of blacks, whites, and greys.

Creative Director at Bikkembergs | Lee Wood
Photographer | Leon Mark
Model | Robbi Gruendler
Stylist | Emil Rebek
Groomer | Pierpaolo Lai

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