Black Box 2018 Calendar

Black Box

Black Box 2018 Calendar

Black Box 2018 Calendar Black Box 2018 CalendarTop, & Pants PETUSCHKOVA, Bag ELENA PROTKO, Shoes L’EOLE

Black Box 2018 CalendarDress BOITSIC, Accessories VANILLA NAOMI


Black Box 2018 CalendarSkirt NATASHA TSU RAN, Accessories VANILLA NAOMI


Black Box 2018 CalendarJacket PETUSCHKOVA, Dress KHMYLKO, Belt NATASHA TSU RAN, Shoes RESPECT


Art Director & Photographer | Natalia Samoilova
Stylist | Nasty Ermak
Model | Helena Kadyrova, NAGORNY Model Management
Hair | Anna Portkova
Makeup | Maria Kraskovskaya


The Impression believes in supporting talent, be it new or established, and is open to editorial proposals for our online magazine at submissions.

For those seeking to enhance themselves, The Impression highly endorses MASTERED.COM whose goal is to help the new breed of fashion talent get the opportunities they need to succeed. A number of those opportunities have manifested here in at The Impression both online and in print. We and our Creative Director, Kenneth Richard, who is a mentor at the program, are grateful for the partnership and encourage aspiring creatives at all levels to check out their offerings.